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How to go to Mae hong son

   Go by bus from Bangkok direct to Mae hong son:
  • The bus will depart from Bangkok northern bus station (in famous name "Mohchit song") everyday. "song" is not song but Thai's meaning is number 2.
    This route have only one bus company. The company name is Sombat tour. You can buy the ticket at the Bangkok bus station(Moh chit song) or use thier web site to get more information. The bus have two options; one is VIP and another one is normal airconditioner bus.
    It's will take about 13 hours from Bangkok to Mae hong son, pass many provinces along north of Thailand. Sombat tour's Website (if you can read in Thai : )
    Sombat tour operation office number :
    �Tel. 02-5378333 ,02-5378383

   Go by bus to Chiangmai,and then to Mae hong son:
  • This route more easier, you can take a bus from many companies at Bangkok bus station (north route) to Chiangmai. The bus depart from Bangkok every day. You will arrive Chiangmai frist, after that you can take a bus from Chiangmai to Pai at Chiangmai bus station, and then to Mae hong son via highway 1095 route. This rout also have mini van. The van will take about 5 hours and seats avialable just 10 persons each. Another route is highway number 108 (south way). It pass Hod, Mae sariang, Khun yaum and then to Mae hong son.
    From Bangkok to Chiangmai will take 8 hours and from Chiangmai to Mae hong son will take 7 hours.
    Please note : the bus from Chiangmai to Mae hong son have only one company. It is Prem-pracha company.
   Go by bus to Chiangmai and to Mae hong son go by airplane:

  • You have more choices to go to Mae hong son after you get to Chiangmai. One oftion is by airplane with Thaiairways airline from Chiangmai to Mae hong son. This way is famous for tourist who want to save thier travelling time. The airplane just small airplane. The seat avialable for 60 persons. And they have 3 flights per day. You can also check with thier schedule in the Thaiairway website.
    Thai air ways website :
   Go by airplane to Chiangmai and to Mae hong son (Directing flight) :

  • You can select from two airlines on Bangkok to Mae hong son, one is Thaiairways and another one is SGA airline. The Thaiairways will stop at Chiangmai airport and you will change airplane there. The SGA airline, which one is company that have directing flight from Bangkok to Mae hong son but thier aircraft quite small. The seat avialable just 30 persons. Please check with thier website below;
    SGA airline here :
   Go by train to Chiangmai and to Mae hong son :

  • You can get train from Bangkok at Bangkok rialway station (or Hoa lam phong) to go to Chiangmai. The train takes along night and after that you can make decision how to go to Mae hong son. By bus, by minivan or by airplane as we recomand above.
    Please check the schedule with Thailand railway website.
    Thailand railway website
   Warm clothing for cool evenings is recommended. All food provisions are provided and all walks of an extended length are accompanied by trained assistants. Chan also provides sleeping bags ,mosquito-nets ,mats and tents.

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